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Instantly Gone: Lace Glue Remover

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Let's face it! Most of us love to wear lace closures, frontals, wigs, etc. 

It's all good until its time to take it off! So many people have asked for the best removal method with the least amount of possible damage to the hairline.


Now we've got an official answer! This lace glue remover will get the job done. Great results when paired with our lace glue adhesive.


It's fast acting, wont dry out your skin or turn you red and inflamed (like rubbing alcohol will do), plus a little goes a long way.

The applicator nozzle allows for less mess and on the spot treatment. Now you can just point, squeeze, set and remove.


Works best with our lace glue system.


Fast acting on most tapes and softs bonds. Great cleanser for scalp and hair systems. Just rinse off with soap and water.


Gentle on skin.




Organic wetting agents



Citrus Oils 

Lanolin Limonenes






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